The production of technical textiles for the sun screening industry is one of our company’s core competencies. We develop and manufacture textile components such as cords, ladder string and tapes for most types of blinds, as well as special cords for other areas of application. Julius Koch is a leading global partner for companies in the sun screening industry.

Technical textiles for outdoor blinds.

Technical textiles for indoor blinds.

Julius Koch: Products and services for the sun screening industry

Tailor-made technical textiles for the sun screening industry.

The extensive technical knowledge in our team is based on many years of experience and close cooperation with companies in the sun screening industry. We pass on our expertise in this field to our customers via product consulting and the development of tailor-made products.

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Durability is everything.

With the many impressive glass features in modern architecture, demand is growing for effective sun screening and control of light and shade, where the solution can be easily varied and adjusted according to the conditions. Both indoors and outdoors, venetian blinds provide environmentally-sound screening against sunlight and heat. They reduce the need for air conditioning and also reduce energy consumption in the building.

Naturally, products must be of an exceptionally high quality if they are to withstand the natural elements, day after day, year after year, outdoors and indoors. And no product is stronger than the weakest link, which is why durability is one of the most important properties when we are developing our textile articles for sun screening.