Our snow fencing systems protect roads, in particular highways, against snowdrifts. The special net is made of hardwearing polyester yarn and can only be used as part of our snow fencing systems Ritza Rapid and Ritza Universal.

Ritza Rapid and Ritza Universal are high quality and durable systems, designed to prevent dangerous snow build-up on and off the roads.

Schneezaun-System Ritza Rapid

Snow fencing system Ritza Rapid

The Ritza Rapid snow fence system includes the net, the posts and the fixing parts. We also offer spare and additional parts for this system, such as tools to unroll the fence and tools for either loosening or tensioning the post.


Standard height: 90 cm
Total height of mounted net: 120 cm


Length: 100 m


Colour: Green (from 1. 000 m order quantity other colours on request).


Scope of supply:

  • Net (100 x 0.9 m)
  • 21 aluminum posts
  • Fixing bar
  • Tool to fix
  • Steel peg with chain
  • Post driver
  • Post driver
  • Tool to unroll and roll up the net
  • Tool to loosen the posts


Further information and instructions for use: Please visit our Download Page.

Innovations and Product development nets and fences - Produktentwicklung Netze und Zäune

Snow fencing system Ritza Universal

The Ritza Universal snow fence system is delivered pre-mounted in a length of 25 meters. Only a hammer is required to erect this system and it is suitable for use on rocky ground.


Standard height: 90 cm
Total height of mounted net: 120 cm


Length: 25 m


Colour: Green


100 % Polyester


Scope of delivery:

  • Net (25 x 0.9 m),
  • pre-mounted on 6 posts
  • including further fixing equipment