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Interior nets

Sometimes innovation comes just from looking at a known product in a new way. That's how we got the idea to use the knitting technique for our Silver grey room divider. Developed as an inspiration for furniture designers, interior architects and other creative minds to discover new potential in our products and services.

Snow fencing

Snow fencing protects roads, mainly highways, against snowdrifts. Our snow fencing net is a special net made of polyester yarn and can only be used as part of the snow fencing systems Ritza Rapid and Ritza Universal.
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Snow fencing systems / Ritza Rapid

The Ritza Rapid snow fence system includes the net, the posts and the fixing parts. We also offer spare parts for this system like unroll/roll-equipment, ram for the post, collet chuck, etc.

Standard height: 90cm
Total height of mounted net: 120cm
For Ritza Rapid the sales unit is 100 metre including the net and 21 posts with fixing material.

Snow fencing systems / Ritza Universal

The Ritza Universal snow fence system will be delivered pre-mounted in 25 meter length. Only a hammer is needed to erect this system and it can be used in areas with a stony ground.

Standard height: 90cm
Total height of mounted net: 120cm
Ritza Universal is available in 25 metre lengths with 6 pre-mounted post and further fixing equipment.

Multi-purpose fencing

At Julius Koch we also produce multi-purpose fencing articles, nets, and many other types of strong textile fences that can be used to reduce problems created by, for example, wind, dust, sand and erosion.